Dear brothers and sisters,

Several months ago, perhaps in January, I had a vision. In that vision, I looked from my window and beheld in the distance storm clouds. Then, suddenly the storm had arrived. There was chaos, destruction, and darkness everywhere. I looked down from my window and I could see my pen floating in the flood waters.

I knew that God wanted me to write. He told me it was my purpose, but I didn’t know what I’d write about or to whom. Soon after he put it on my heart to create this website. I still had no idea what I would write about, but I created this which sat for months unpublished as I prayed to God for inspiration on what He’d have me to write. Now I believe I have received that inspiration.

Truly, I do not desire any type of donations and I do not desire any sort of fame. My entire purpose here is to share the revelations and warnings that I’ve received from God to anyone who will listen. I pray that anyone who sees this, will turn to God and seek him concerning the things which I write. This is not to seek any sort of glory for myself, but rather that God may be glorified who through His mercy is revealing to us His mysteries in these final days, just as He promised.

God has visited us in the darkness in the person of that man whom we call Jesus Christ, whom I call Yausha. We did not receive Him and we crucified Him. By the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit of God, He was resurrected from the dead and now reigns at the right hand of our Father, Yaua, who created us. He has given unto as many as believe on Him that same Holy Spirit which raised Him from the dead that through Him we might also find our salvation. Take heed, brothers and sisters, and let us not neglect so great a salvation!


Jermonté Smith